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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Movie on Friday

This quarter we surpassed our goal of beginning with the end in mind and had ourselves a little popsicle party that happen coincide with my birthday last week. Great timing, don't you think!? Well, we set a smaller goal to synergize these last couple weeks to have a movie and snack party for the last day of school. We are 4 fish away from reaching our goal and I think we can do it! In order to be proactive, there will be a sheet that will go home asking for your permission to watch the movie Epic. Your child will only need to return the sheet if you do NOT want them to watch it. If you see this and do not see the sheet of paper in your child's backpack by tomorrow and you do not want them to watch the movie, then please email me at lchatterton@wcpss.net.

If you would like to provide a peanut-free snack for our class on the last day then that would be wonderful!

Thank you! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2nd Grade Celebration

Things to remember for the 2nd grade celebration on Thursday, June 26th:

Have your child bring...

  • a water bottle
  • a board game and a beach towel in case of inclement weather
  • a large bag or clear their backpack to bring all their items home from their desk
Yay! Can't wait! They have earned it! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

End of the year events

The end of the year is approaching! Can you believe it?

We need volunteers for our water party on Thursday, June 26th at 2:30. We will be having water games. Your child will need a water bottle! It gets hot!!!! They do not need to wear a bathing suit. They will not get that wet.  

We need volunteers! If you would like to volunteer then please email me at lchatterton@wcpss.net or write a note. 

Upcoming Events:

June 23rd: If your child has earned all FIVE student of the days then they will be having a student of the day party during their special's time. All the kids know if they have earned this over the course of the year for being a leader in specials! 

June 24th: Case 21

June 25th: Case 21

June 26th: Water games/party at 2:30 p.m. on the field--bring a backpack to carry a bunch of school items home.

June 27th:  Last day of school--Talent Show at 9:30--Report cards go home

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Quarter 4, Week 4

Well hello!

I sent a note home on Thursday asking for your child to memorize their address. Many of them came to me with their address and some already knew theirs! How exciting! Many of our friends have discovered Google Earth on our student computers. They love exploring our world and seeing where they live. Google Earth helps students understand their location on Earth, especially when it can be such an abstract concept. 

Reusable containers- We talked about recycling and our life cycle unit is coming up! What better way to integrate the two by reusing containers and discovering the plant life cycle!

Math- We are starting a unit on partitioning-whole, halves, thirds, fourths. 

Reading- We are using schema folders to discover new topics! 

Social Studies- We are still reading and exploring maps.

Writing- We are starting our opinion writing pieces. 

Leadership Day is this Friday, May 16th! We have been working hard on our paragraphs of our goals and are creating boards to present to the people from the community who are attending the event. 

I am also starting a dot event in our classroom. Our school has been talking about not making reading only a seasonal sport and having it be important year round. Every time a student reads a book, they will write their name and the book and how many stars they would give it. If your child reads a book at home, this will also count. 

Here is an example of what our wall might look like:




Monday, April 28, 2014

Quarter 4, Week 2

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

IMPORTANT-Schedule changes

Message from Dr. Argent:

Parents of Lake Myra Students:

After reviewing instructional hours for students and transportation needs for the district, The Wake County Public School System has decided to cancel the make-up day scheduled for Saturday, March 29. Instead, the YR Early Release day on Friday, March 28 will be extended to a full day of instruction. Once again, there will be no school on Saturday March 29th.  Furthermore, school on Friday March 28th will last from 9:15 to 3:45, normal school hours. 

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.


Dr. Jim Argent

Principal, Lake Myra Elementary School

Message from me!

We have changed the classroom celebration of board games and snacks to Friday, March 28th. Please have your child bring in a blanket, snack and board game. Just a reminder, we have a full day on Friday and do not have Saturday school on March 29th.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

3 Quarter Celebration!

This Thursday we will have a picnic celebration for students who have been beginning with the end in mind. This quarter we have been awarding student points for turning in their weekly fluency and homework packets. Those students who have enough points will be able to participate in the celebration! 

If you would like to donate juice or a special snack to share, please send them in with your child at any time throughout the week. 

Your child may bring in a blanket or a towel to lay on and a fun game of their choice (please no electronics). 

Can't wait!

We have early release on Friday & Saturday school this week. 

Report cards will go home the first Monday that we are back in school. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Quarter 3, Week 8

If you haven't paid for your child's field trip...

Field Trip Payment:  You can make your fieldtrip (see details below) payment
online at 
http://osp.osmsinc.com/wakenc/default.aspx. Once you are on the home page, go to the box on the left-hand side, choose "Elementary School", then scroll down to find our school (Lake Myra) and click on the program (High Tech-High Touch/Science Fieldtrips-Ybarra, Michelle). You can also pay by cash or make a check payable to Lake Myra
Elementary School.

Make-Up Days:

Our next snow/ice "Saturday" make-up day is Apr. 26th. The school day starts at 9:15 and ends at 12:45. Breakfast nor lunch will be served, but we will have a time for snack. We are also scheduled to have a make-up day on Saturday, May 3rd.

Wake County school leaders decided that makeup time for the school days missed due to inclement weather on February 12-14, 2014, will require only the cancellation of Early Release on Friday, March 7.


March 28-Early Release

March 31- Track out

Spring Photos:
Please return your child's school portraits if you are not interested in purchasing them. If you would like to keep them, you can purchase online or send money via cash or check to the school. If you do not want them, and you do not bring them back they will charge you for ALL the photos. 

Our group photo did not come in yet. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Data Notebooks and Math Talk

We have been tracking our math, spelling and fluency data all year. Every week your child sets a goal for math sprints. This is my first year implementing data notebooks and they work! Students love seeing their progress and growth! It also makes them in charge of their learning.

We are learning how to decompose three digit numbers. Here are students working on the expanded form method. They rocked it!

Pictures from Enterprise Day

Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Trailers

Students have had a blast creating book trailers for Literacy Week here at Lake Myra.  Students worked together, summarized a story, and created a trailer.  Check out their awesome work!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quarter 3, Week ? Day 97

This week:


Last week's homework will be due on Monday and a new homework packet will be given on Monday too. 

There will not be a spelling test for last week's words. 

Feb. 17th-Monday

Our class will distribute Valentine Day cards and/or small treats on Monday, Feb. 17th. There won't be a class list of names distributed as it is easier and much more faster to pass out cards that are "nameless." There is a total of 23 students in our class.

Feb 18th- Tuesday

Picture day-Your child should have brought a slip home from their mailbox if you would like to purchase photos. If not, that means they did not grab their mail before leaving school. They're responsible for checking their mailbox every day before dismissal. 

Enterprise Day- 23 products are due. Remember this is a low cost item or free items. This is all about creativity and innovation. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their snow days...again! 

Many parents have emailed me about Valentines day, and I apologize for not getting this information out sooner. I think I enjoyed the snow days too much. 

Please send in 23 blank Valentines with your child's name on it. I think it will be so much easier to pass them out and much quicker too. If we have school tomorrow (Saturday) then bring them then, or we will celebrate on Monday. 

I will also send a notice home to reschedule conferences that were missed because of the snow days, the other conferences schedule are still in effect. 

Thanks for your patience! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quarter 3, Week 4

We need: 

  • Thank you for bringing in Clorox Wipes! We are still in need of more wipes to last us the next couple quarters. 
  • We are now in dire need of black expo markers. We are ALL out! We use these every...single...day!!! Help! 


Our money unit is complete. Please continue to give your child opportunities to count money at home.

Social Studies:

Student products are due February 18th. We've been discussing about being proactive and getting our 23 products ahead of time. We are SUPER excited!

Parent Conferences:

Thank you for turning in the conference forms. You should have received a small slip from your child indicating the date and time of the conference. Thank you for your flexibility. I look forward to discussing your child's progress in within the next couple weeks. 

We have school this Saturday, February 15th.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Enterprise Day!

This quarter the children are learning about our economy. They will be earning "School Bucks" for demonstrating the 7 habits.

Students will be spending the money they are earning on our class February 18, 2014. The children will be taking turns being both producers and consumers. In order to make this possible, each student will be responsible for making a good. They will need to come up with an original product t o "sell" to their classmates. Products should be simple, low cost, and creative as they'll need to produce 23 of the same item to sell. The students may not sell food or candy! 

Some examples of goods students can make include: 
Popsicle picture frames 
Decorated Pencils 
Pet Rocks 
Painted rocks fo r paperweights 
Friendship Bracelets 
Greeting Cards 
Noodle Necklaces/Bracelets 
Decorated Paper Airplanes 
Please note that this is meant to be a fun, hands-on learning activity. You should not have to incur a lot of expense for this. If you have trouble coming up with a budget friendly product, let me know and we'll suggest one. 

Thank you for your support! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Quarter 3, Week 3?

I hope you all enjoyed your snow days! We have Saturday school February 8th and 15th until 12:45. Please continue to look at Wake County's website for updates.

 Here is the link:  Saturday Make-up

Our class needs: 

Thick black Expo markers

Clorox Wipes (we really need these!)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quarter 3, Week 2

Report Cards

Report cards were sent home with your child this past Friday, January 24th. The report card is for you to keep, but please return the envelope signed.

Many of you were very patient with me with conferences first quarter. A huge thank you for that! This week a conference sheet will go home, please return that sheet with available times that work best for you. 

Upcoming Events:

Early Release Feb. 14

Spring Class Pictures Feb. 18

Book Fair Week of Mar. 3

Early Release Mar. 7

Early Release Mar. 28

Track Out Mar. 31

Track In Apr. 23