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This is my 6th year teaching! I am a Michigan native and moved down to North Carolina to have my dream classroom!
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Quarter 4, Week 4

Well hello!

I sent a note home on Thursday asking for your child to memorize their address. Many of them came to me with their address and some already knew theirs! How exciting! Many of our friends have discovered Google Earth on our student computers. They love exploring our world and seeing where they live. Google Earth helps students understand their location on Earth, especially when it can be such an abstract concept. 

Reusable containers- We talked about recycling and our life cycle unit is coming up! What better way to integrate the two by reusing containers and discovering the plant life cycle!

Math- We are starting a unit on partitioning-whole, halves, thirds, fourths. 

Reading- We are using schema folders to discover new topics! 

Social Studies- We are still reading and exploring maps.

Writing- We are starting our opinion writing pieces. 

Leadership Day is this Friday, May 16th! We have been working hard on our paragraphs of our goals and are creating boards to present to the people from the community who are attending the event. 

I am also starting a dot event in our classroom. Our school has been talking about not making reading only a seasonal sport and having it be important year round. Every time a student reads a book, they will write their name and the book and how many stars they would give it. If your child reads a book at home, this will also count. 

Here is an example of what our wall might look like:




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